INSC 4908 and INSC 4907 Honours Projects

All students taking an Honours degree in Integrated Science are required to complete a research project or an essay and research proposal as part of their degree.

The aim of doing the Honours Project (INSC 4908) is to give students experience doing original research and to further develop their critical thinking skills. The end product is a thesis describing the theoretical background of the project, the work carried out by the student, and the conclusions that can be drawn from that work.  The student will be evaluated on three components of the course:  the lab work, the thesis, and the defense of the project.  This option is strongly recommended to students who are considering graduate school, or careers that will involve research.

The Honours Essay and Research Proposal (INSC 4907) is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the state of current research in a particular field, and to develop their critical thinking skills by proposing an original research program that could extend the knowledge base in that field.  NOTE: the research is not actually carried out by the student as part of the course.

Honours students should try to meet with potential supervisors in the fall term of their third year. Students wanting to work with off-campus supervisors or who are having difficulty finding a supervisor should contact the Honours Thesis Coordinator, Pam Wolff and drop off their form with the Administrator for Integrated Science,  Michelle Santoianni.

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